weird dreams

When i was a young child  6 years old i think, id have this one recurring dream that id have almost every night. it was around the time that my dad stopped living with us and me and my older sister would sleep in our mams bed. Every night i would have the same dream and this is what it was: i would 'wake up' and my mams bedroom door would be open and the landing lights on. then this man, who looked a little bit like a zombie if i remember right would walk across the landing and he would stare at my sleeping mother. although he wasn't in the room i could tell he was looking at her and then he would just stop walking back and forth. me and my sister would get out of bed and go to look for him. he would be hiding behind the shower curtain every time. My older sister would start fighting with him and i would just be stood screaming "Dont touch my mother!" and we would be stood battling to keep him away from her bedroom door. 

the man had on a tattered suit and a top hat i think, he had a creepy smile and eyes that didnt blink. This was a recurring dream that i had every night and then one day they just stopped. ive only had it once after and it was when i was 11-13 and staying in my dads house but the dream had changed and the man came for me instead could anyone tell me what my dream means please.

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