Can someone tell me a funny story?

First of all I need a new phone charger. Sharing a chrager with three different people it’s difficult. Second I need a story for some school work :( I mean this is bollocks, i hate this type of work cause I’m boring and my life is boring lol

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its probably not funny to you but this is one of my best high school memories
so i had a friend at around the age of 14 and her phone was pretty much indestructible. she could drop it by accident down the stairs and it would come out fine without even a scratch. she used to annoy me by dropping her phone against the concrete floor outside schools just to see me get scared in case it broke (which i kept telling her eventually it would)
one day her crush was nearby and she was so confident in herself she said "ill drop it SCREEN DOWN and nothing will happen!!" and yes...she dropped it screen facing downwards onto the concrete pavement. you can guess what happened im sure...there was a loudass CRACK as it hit the floor. my heart dropped right there and then and she got hella nervous as she picked it up slowly. the whole screen was SHATTERED! like glass was literally falling off of it and the whole thing was almost gonna rip off. we were so shocked in the moment that we both started laughing and crying. she had to call her mum ahead of time so that she wouldnt get immediately yelled at when she was home and it took like 5 minutes just trying to find the contact number bc the screen was so jacked

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omg i actually found that funny hahshahah, good story😎

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