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nostalgia vibin' on spacehey, the rebirth of myspace

I discovered SpaceHey through a Twitter thread and fell in love. Myspace days are truly missed LOL. Had an account when I was only ten years old! Honestly I grew up on the internet and gone through many social media websites over the years. I definitely shied away from nearly all of them but would like to come out of my shell here. Myspace was such a gem, so genuine and fun. Reliving it on SpaceHey just overflows with nostalgia. 

We all learned to code layouts through editing our profiles. I spent a little too much time customizing it. ^_^" It was one of my favorite things to do. From hella blinged out glittery graphics that crapped out everyone's computers to a minimalist profile that sometimes didn't even have a layout!

Remember filling out surveys and posting them on bulletins? I loved learning about people that way. Did anyone "hack" their friends by logging into their account (with their permission of course) and writing on their profile about how much you love them? That was so wholesome. I miss those crazy, beautiful friendships.

At some point my weeb ass embarrassingly created profiles to roleplay anime characters and got into some romantic online relationships that maybe lasted a week.

Also had some not so shining moments from fighting over "Top 8s" to jacking profile songs... We really went through it LOL. I could talk all night about Myspace.

Why did we abandon Myspace LMAO. It didn't deserve that. Who knows if SpaceHey will flop or flourish? I wish the latter. Regardless I'm incredibly grateful this website was created and happy to be here to share the beloved nostalgic memories with everyone.

I'm curious if anyone else's Myspace experience was similar to mine or completely different. Would love to hear it in the comments! ♡

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Gray </3

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im so sad because i was born in the early 2000's before 2010 so i could never go on myspace and if i could i know i would have loved it. i wish i was a teenager around that time and not now because the way i want to look was more popular then and now if i do it i feel like imma be judged for it so i dont dress the full way but i want to be a scene kid so badly lmao i just also dont wanna be judged. But anyway, very sad i couldnt be a teenager in those years

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go be that scene kid you've been wanting to be!!. who cares what ppl say. whoever says anything about bad is just jealous honestly. ive been wanting to get that early 2000sl late 2000s style for so long and now im finally that person. i honestly love the scene style so much. ive also been seeing the scene style slowly coming back!!. go and do it dont be afraid

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ty ) ur so nice!

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Back in my middle school days, I had no friends or anyone to talk to. Myspace was that space where I can express my thoughts or feelings even with Tom being my only friend at the time. Things changed when I got into high school and facebook was being made in the process. I don't know what made us leave Myspace, but I have always enjoyed changing the layout of the my profile. That site was definitely a true gem. I'm glad that sites like Spacehey exists. Maybe I can finally make some genuine friends who aren't about the popularity contests like everyone else with facebook, instagram, etc. Plus there wasn't much restriction on Myspace vs Facebook

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