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HAL's introduction !

been sitting around for a while, thought i should make an introduction and found these questions.

What should i call you?

hi, i'm Hal. any pronouns are cool with me, but i tend to prefer neutral language
( they / e ). e / em is because i find spivak pronouns to be very interesting;
especially regarding the history.

Where's your username from?

if you don't know, i assume you live under a rock or are under the age of thirteen.

What do you do for work?

i'm a college student ( digital media / graphic design ), though currently i am not
taking classes and recently was hired for a job at a local ice cream store. hopefully that
will go well.

Where are you from?

born in MA, moved more to the south when i was too young to remember. i still
try to retain some of that northern identity, as i admittedly don't like it very much here.

Whats your favorite thing about spacehey?

the CSS. unfortunately, not many sites are like this nowadays. i think it adds a lot more creativity and personality to everyone's profiles, even if the code is made by someone else ( like mine, as i don't want to spend hours figuring it out and just changed the colors. )

Current hobbies?

video games , especially titanfall 2 right now. i do digital art when i'm not suffering from horrible lack of motivation and burnout. i write answers on quora, and consume sci-fi content.


three cats, one dog ( pit bull ). lovely babies.

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Have you ever tried freelance as a graphic design or something relevant about art?? I see you're interests with design

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