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bored ig

hi i'm like hella bored and this is my first entry in my blog lol. i just joined today and this shit is so cool bro. so yeah ig. i have a lot of homework to do. i'm in 8th grade lol. daily recap ig? so first period nothing really happened except my friend angel irish dancing and me hitting my other friend dylan like so many times. second period nothing much. third period oh my god ms. croxton is actually on something she assigned us such a big packet yesterday and today she assigned three things to do smh. then i had lunch it was pretty fun. my table group found some ramen in one of my friend's backpacks and we ate it raw lol. then i told my friends about a video i watched on cannibals which was so weird bro. then i had asb. i loved asb today. we finished our projects and had nothing to do so we just played with a ball and irish danced. i also slapped my friend adan in the neck so many times but then he hit my head with a water bottle lmfao. 5th period (math) nothing much but at least we didn't have to do notes today. and then 6th period (pe) we didn't really do anything. so ig today i rate it an 8/10 but it was kinda boring. anyways bye then.

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