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What is gyaru?(✧∀✧)/

Hey darlings!~

As promised (anything for you guys!) , todays subject is what is gyaru?

Gyaru is a Japanese Subculture that originated in the 90's as a rebellion against the average beauty standards in Japan! ( eg : dark hair , pale skin). Instead , The 'Gyaru' - or gals - tanned there skin and bleached their hair! It has evolved and changed since then , but the dramatic eye makeup and bold and bubbly attitude stays. It branched and separated into several 'sub-styles' - with my favourite being hime gyaru , rokku or gyaru kei! ( more into different sub-styles in different posts!) ☆⌒(≧▽​° ) 

If you want to research a lil more , take a look at this website!
And that concludes my daily blog post! have a gorg day/night!
Yours Sincerely ,

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