16/03/2022 Dream

So i was on a beach running , i needed to escape from something but i dont quite recall what or who .There was a fence i could cimb over so i did and i ended up in this open brick room with toarches for light , there was a secret door i got thro and ended up in a staircase wiht some people who i assume were my classmates . The schol was empty and we presumed we were stuck tere for the night even tho it was only about 1pm , still it was dark out. We thought we were stuck cuz in my dream uneverse i guess we were stuck in the school overnight once before .Then a bell rung and classes were over and i relised we ddint have to stay here for the night we could leave and doors were unlocked so we did that and while going home i wanted something sweet and there was an icecream shop and a doughnut shop . I went into the icecream shop and there was a queue and i waited it out but apperantly i want ordering correctly so the guy working there held me for 2 hours for a class on how to run an icecream shop??? And when it was done i payed and only got a small candy and was super pissed so i went to get a dounut .But when i went out it was ;ate and all the shops were closed and i couldnt get a dounut.I then called a cap and arrived a creepy black cab with thius guy wearing all black , trenchcoat , tophat , face covering and sunglasses.so he takes me like a street down and i run out of the car and meet with a friend, and were running from the guy cuz i didnt pay and hes chasing us thro buildings untill he corners us still in the car and demands the money . When i go to pay him oi relise my moneys in the jacket and i left the jacvket in the car and the man says hes holding it hostage , So i took a rock got inside saying ill pay him and so hell hive my jacket back but i insted planned to bash his head in .Just before i did that i woke up

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