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taylor swift album ranking

ok so I obviously love Taylor Swift, but like mostly her older stuff even if I was barely alive when debut came out the majority of folklore and evermore are just like not for me but anyways

1. 1989
2. lover
3. red (tv)
4. speak now
5. reputation
6. fearless (tv)
7. debut
8. evermore
9. folkore

I pretty much love all the albums, but just not folklore or evermore as much because that music is less my style, but like 1989 and lover just feel so happy and just ugh  

but also I absolutely hate hate hate the wildest dreams tv cover it just pisses me off that the iconic sharpie markings isn't on the cover but I digress, im also really sad that after all the albums are re-recoreded that lover is going to be the only album with the title on the album cover and that just upsets me yk.

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