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Round and round

A wreckingball crashing through the wall of my brand new home, i try to rebuild my house just so i can break it down again. Picking up the pieces and putting them back together only to smash them .... again, and again, and again, and again, and again...

I wish

I wish i could hold your hand and take you somewhere nice, a field overtaken by butterflies. I will kiss your soft lips, your red cheeks, your gorgeous neck. I want to run my fingers trough your shiny hair, down your neck, down your spine. I want to hear your adorable laugh, your footsteps in the rain, with you even in the depths of winter I feel like I'm in Spain,

Do you?

Do you like my hair? I straightened it just for you because I know you hate curls,
Do you like my short skirt? I picked it out because I know you like looking at my body,
Do you like my makeup? I i wore a natural look because you like 'natural' girls,
Do you like my shoes? I didn't wear heels because I know you don't like me towering over you,
Do you like the way i'm quiet? I know you don't like girls with strong opinions,
Do you like me? Or do you like the way i make you feel?

Love like

I love you like i love the sun falling on my face, warm and happy
I love you like i love the smell of fresh flowers, the way you make my life less dull
I love you like i love a warm cup of tea on a cold day, comforting and assuring me that everything will be ok
I love you like i love reading when it's raining, taking me somewhere that sounds like a dream
I love you like i love you

My sun

my girl is crazy
she loves spending time in the rain,
i think she's fucking insane

i hate the rain
i hate the smell of it
i hate the cold wet drops falling on my face
it makes my flat ironed hair curl up

i love my girl
she's like the sun

i love the sun
i love the warm feeling
i love the way it brightens my day
it makes everything so much more vibrant

i miss my girl
i miss my sun

Dead to you

i'm the ghost wandering through your apartment,
i've seen you wander too.
from space to space waiting for her to reply,
i would reply right away but i'm dead to you.

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