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I am not good at HTML/CSS

I used 2 make original Myspace layouts but then stopped when the site died. 

I kinda just copy/paste and tinker around and learn as I go. 

I wanted 2 share what's been helpful for me in one spot because I had to search around for these:

idk I think my profile looks good enough for now lol

Jan 2021 update: wanted to add what I use for my cursor and my online now icon! If you're using the layout code provided above ^^^ you'll need to put the online now code where it says to change the color of your online now icon

Online now:

.online{content:url("url here");}

Cursor (grab a url from

* {
cursor: url(url here), auto !important;

Jan 11 2021 update:
If you are a supporter and want to change the color/image here are the codes I use (change the Hex color #000000 to whatever you want)
.supporter img{font-size:0;} .supporter:before{content:"insert emoji"!important;}

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Thank you 😊

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Rough Dreams

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Can’t wait to get cracking on this! You are a heaven! 🖤

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Thank you for this! xD

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xX Shannon Cyanide Xx

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played around with stuff from that blog as far as layouts go but a lot of it wouldn't work and i still can't figure out how to get the main white background around the about me etc gone lmao i'm sure i'm doing something wrong but still haven't been able to figure it out after tinkering with it for a while. i can't believe this stuff is proving to be so difficult lol

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