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the computer i want that i'll never be able to afford

8 core

solid state drive


10 usb ports

2-5TB of memory

alienware keyboard

linux operating system

self generating highspeed wifi w/t tethering capability

built in HDMI and av capture cards

HDMI out (for the rare occasion that it would be far more useful to have my screen on a tv or some other screen)

15in screen

bluetooth capability

enough fans and cooling mechanisms to keep it on for long periods of time

plenty of venting slots to help w/t cooling but also strategically placed to reduce dust build up and keep the build tough

touch screen

NO mouse pad (cause they get in the way of typing besides the touch screen will make up if for some reason i don't have a mouse plugged in)

single hinge (cause dual hinge weakens the structure of the build)

built in disc burner (not sure if that really needs to be specified since it's kinda a standard feature in this day and age)

blue-ray capable disk drive

radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card

SD card slots for standard mini and XD

(if i come across any more specifications i would like i will edit this and add them in)

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