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Street Lights.......

Passing these streets lights like they're moments in time. Trying to find a destination that's lock deep within my mind. 

Lost and afraid I hop in this cab of disappearance and payed my fare. Knowing the driver is me I have the chance to flee...but to where?

Hoping for a miracle.... praying for change. Looking in the rearview mirror I see myself but I'm not the same...strange.

So I sit here helplessly watching these streets lights flicker by. Seeing those I care about but unable to say hi.

Silent ride for the air in this cab is just to heavy. Can't see the road in front.... this shit is getting scary. 

Hoping I can change... hoping I can grow. Hoping for some kind of difference in me but it's moving to slow.

I may hop out of this cab and run back with hope in my heart but no longer full of love. Just an empty husk hoping to learn a new way to feel and rise above.

No longer trapped by hurt, unwanted, unloved, unaccepted, and sadness. But set free to feel nothing and just live a life that's not full of this


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