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Madam Whiskers talks abt stuff #5 'I officially give up on labels + i think i have a crush?'


haha i fooled u this is gonna be in english too

ok so
i realized i go back and forth so much with labels that its extremely hard to keep up with me so i officially quit, thats it, no more labels for me✨ except queer and girl, bc theres no way ill ever be straight no matter how crazy i am over boys

and talking abt that...
u all know how the other day i cuddled with my bestie and all that, right?
so um
idk if im just touch starved (wich would make sense bc none of my other friends likes physical touch) or if im like.genuinely developing a crush. and its a liiiittle bit scary ngl

i mean, i dont think its just the "omg pretty girl touched me😳" feeling bc a while ago one of my friends shared his jacket with me and rubbed my arms bc i was cold and i wa like "oh. oh my god. pretty person is making CONTACT with me😳😳😳" and i got over it as soon as he got away

BUT NOW ive that weird feeling in my stomach and i cant shake it off and i think abt her like "oh...✨" and everytime she talked in the groupchat i got a little nervous so!! idk!! i dont want a crush!!! but guess i dont have a choice!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!!!

yknow its funny bc today i had to comfort my friend's ex gf after they broke up, and after it was over i was thinking "teenage relationships are so stressful lol, i think id pass" and now. this.

anyway tomorrow ill my best friend in school so wish me luck ✌️ ill keep u updated

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