I’ve had spacehey for a while and just realized i’d never made a blog post :0 so here’s a bit of an introduction :)

my name is addison, but people also call me addie or ash.

i’m 13, i won’t be telling you where i live bc i would just rather not, i am a girl i use she/her pronouns but i’m OK with he or they too :D

some of my hobbies are drawing, playing ukulele (i aspire to buy and learn bass and electric guitar), cutting my hair and my friends hair (i am considering a job as a hairdresser when i get older), making clothes, playing MSP (my account is A$hEl3ctr1c), thrifting, collecting cds and albums, writing music and poetry, photography and photo editing, and a lot more :P

i love music a lot, my favorite band is Pierce the Veil, but my full list of artists i listen to is on my profile. i hope to be more involved in creating music as i get older, and if a career in music fails for me i’ll probably just become a hairdresser XD

i have some pretty cool friends their accounts on here are xXDJ-420Xx, jaz1sd3ad, and stfuanddie, plus some more who do not have spacehey accounts. 

my favorite color is purple, and i’m a super cool scene girl

i hope to maybe post some early 2000s based outfits and content here so please keep yourself updated on my super cool page XP

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