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¸¸♬Drop some song recommendations·♬¸¸

.•♫•♬• Lit any genre wana hear some tunesssss •♬•♫•.

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θΔ ꜰᴏxʟᴏʀᴇ ⨂

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Dead - the birthday massacre
She's a killer - alien sex fiend
Maggot - slutever
Jennifer's body - hole
Cherry blood - miss cherry delight
Teenage whore- hole
Dear of dying - jack off Jill
All acces - the garden
Watch what happens next - waterparks
Mastermind - mindless self indulgence
Charlotte - kittie
Spit - kittie
Oktober - the crane wives
GONE, GONE/ THANK YOU - Tyler, the creator

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overdose- tuv
i don't care if you're contagious-Pierce The Veil
brazil-declan mckenna
I Love My Boyfriend-Princess Chelsea

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🌈🦕💖~Grace​~💖🦕🌈's profile picture

aight uuhh

antonymph by vylet pony
lesbian ponies with weapons by vylet pony
superstar by toy box
catchy song from the lego movie
not evil from the lego movie
daydreaming by rebyxx
friday night from yakuza 0
color pulse from splatoon 2
jump now from jelly jamm
dont get angry from jelly jamm

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m0xy :D

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head over heels by tears for fears is 1 of my fav songs rn its really good in my opinion :]

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How about some obscure psychedelic 70s? Kevin Ayers Joy of a Toy Album 📻

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my obsession rn is bring me the horizon so the whole sempiternal album and there is a hell album. the best songs include : can you feel my heart(the chad song), and the snakes start to sing, sleepwalking, crucify me, go to hell for heavens sake, it never ends, blessed with a curse, and hospital for souls. i just cant stop listening to bmth lol

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☆Stanley Marsh!

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Soup is good food-Dead Kennedys

really good song! :D

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Alice in chains I stay away

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meddle about by chase atlantic

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