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my boundaries

i think this is an actual important thing, so let's do it babee

1) Messaging: Im fine with randomly texting me, i might not answer for whatever reason (from being busy to simply not feeling like talking to someone). If u want to start the conversation as if we were already friends, ill be ok with that! I'll probably answer more enthusiastically than if u just said "hi" so id say it preferred to talk to me freely. Ive a little problem with ghosting due to my adhd, since sometimes answering texts feels like a chore; dont take it personally if i dont answer right away or simply never do!

2) How to refer to me: I am a 100% ok with petnames if its all platonic and ur being nice. What i mean is...lets say we're chatting and i compliment u, and u answer with "thank u sweetheart!" im fine with that. however using too many petnames (like randomly being like "hi doll" or "how are u darling?") could make me uncomfortable. ill probably tell u if im getting umcomfy tho, and if u dont respect that im going to stop replying and maybe block u.

List of terms im comfortable and uncomfortable with:

My name (Luna)✅
Variations of my name (Luni, Lu, Lunita)❌
Ciel and any variation (Cielito, Cielcito)✅
Madam Whiskers (love this one)✅
Sweetheart ✅
Doll (if ur being nice and platonic)✅
Dude/Bro/Man (if non gendered)✅
Miss/Ma'am/Madam/Lady(gender euphoria yass!!)✅

I am never comfortable with sexual talk or trying to romance me. if u get creepy im gonna block u and thats my last warning

I am also not afraid of blocking. at all. if i dont like u im gonna block u lol sorry not sorry but this is my house and i choose who i let in and who i dont

Topics i dont feel comfortable talking abt:

1) Dolls. 
ok thats it

(dont ask why i dont want to see dolls or talk abt them, its none of ur bussiness<3)

thats all for now! i might add more stuff as time goes on

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