i went 2 a local goth/emo fashion store lolol


i just feel like sharing abt what i got bc i'm v exited abt it >_<
- a bullet for my valentine shirt (the one w the crow holding the rose standing on the skull) it's a little small for my taste but iz ok XD
- a mr. kitty snapback hat, itz super swag and it has the katakana spelling underneath and a kitty cat emblem on the back, iz super cute!!
- i got a vampire bat necklace (ive been looking 4 one 4 a long time and i finally found one) and i got an upside-down pentagram necklace. iz kinda big,,,cant wait to scare my grandparents lmao XP
-finally i got a dragonfly necklace 4 my friend's b day!!!yayyy
- i also went 2 thrift land and got the best purple and grey striped v-neck sweater, plus a dark red sweater and a cool brown one. while i was there i saw some cool monkey slippers with this face: >w<!!  
thx 4 reading if u did, iz probably boring but i'm super happy abt what i got!!!

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