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Get to know me !! └( ^ω^)」

hiii ! im em (: as stated on my profile, i am eighteen years old and am currently a homeschooled student trying to finish off highschool ! i use she/they pronouns, feel free to use both or just one, i personally dont mind :D. im hispanic, specifically cuban, puerto rican! i understand bits and pieces of spanish but mainly speak english. i dont label myself when it comes to sexuality but i am taken ! ‪(⊃^-^)⊃♡‬ I spend a lot of time just chilling on my pc playing games or on websites !! i am obsessedddd with squishmallows so ask me about them !! i can and will talk about them nonstop xD

feel free to add & msg me whenever !! i try to add back all that i can but i wont accept anyone under 16!!! please respect that <3

My boundaries !!!
byi: i am an adult !!!, i kinda suck at responding sometimes, and i get anxious fast so please keep that in mind (。>ㅅ<。). 
dni: please dont interact if.. under 16!!!, racist, homophobic, etc (fit basic dni list), tramadump/vent without my permission, or hate on any of my interests!!

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