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Madam Whiskers talks abt stuff #4 'Ontological couches'


context before i start
my mom has the belief (with a bunch of other ones she learnt from ontological couches) that everything one says or does is "just information"
and i usually agree, sometimes people do stuff to u that arent exactly related to u, and theyre simply storming out to the closest person they have

if someone says that u have been annoying them all day, and u answer "its just information, dont take it personally" expect them to get mad, bc THAT answer is an amazing way to not be responsible for ur actions and how they affect the people around u

and honestly it applies to the whole belief! sometimes it works, alright, but u HAVE to take charge of your words bc u CAN accidentally hurt someone, and blaming THEM for taking it seriously and getting hurt is victim blaming at its best

anyways another reason why i think ontological couching shouldnt be taken as the pure truth and people should take it with a grain of salt sometimes, bc if people trust everything an ontological couch says blindly, its hard to trce the line between agreeing and being part of a beehive

im angry i cant say this to her to her face but whatever, at least i got to say it

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