March 21th, 1997 at 9:57 pm

This is wlw

english version 

We were perfect. We complemented each other, at least that’s what I thought. I could never, never betray you, in the view of me you will always be my soulmate. It doesn’t have to be romantic. 

Even though the wind blew away everything, I still think about all the things I will give for being with you. I would dedicate to you a thousand stories of how great your are. I may really idealize you, but that’s because I can never love someone as I loved you. I don’t understand what barrier separated us, we never argued it. I’m lying, I do understand but it’s difficult for me accepting we purposely flew in different directions because of pride. I like to imagine that one day we will be together talking about our absurd things. 

Please never share our madness. I want to believe I was special to you as much you are to me. Perhaps I was just like does kids we befriend once when we were little and now we don’t remember. I’m a daft girl, innit? 

spanish version

Éramos perfectas. Nos complementábamos, al menos eso creí. Nunca, nunca podría traicionarte, ya que para mí siempre serás mi alma gemela. No debe ser romántico.

 A pesar de que todo se esfumó porque el viento paso, pienso lo que daría por volver a estar contigo. Te dedicaría mil historias sobre lo genial que eres, puede que te idealice mucho, pero no creo que quiera a alguien tanto como tu. No entiendo que barrera nos separó, nunca lo discutimos. Miento pero, me cuesta aceptar que a propósito volamos en diferentes direcciones por orgullo. Me gusta pensar que algún día estemos juntas hablando sobre nuestras cosas absurdas. 

Por favor, nunca compartas nuestra locura, quiero creer que fui especial para ti tanto como tu lo eres para mi. Aunque tal vez solo fui como aquellos amigos que tuvimos de pequeños y ahora no recordamos. Soy una chica tonta, ¿no es así?

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