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Madam Whiskers talks abt stuff #3 'Fatphobia and the belief fat people cant be attractive'

today i was remembering how in elementary school our teacher once gave us a bunch of pictures of people and made us put them in the blackboard that was separated in two sections; one for the people we found pretty, and one for the people we didnt found pretty

and i remember that day i was kinda in the clouds so when it was my turn i thought i had to take a picture and write "pretty" or "not pretty" close to it so i accidentally put a picture of a fat guy in the "pretty" section and the whole class started laughing

a while ago i had """""dated""""" one of my classmates who was fat so they all thought it was bc of that (i think) but i don't think itd be wild to assume they laughed bc i found a fat dude attractive

i dont remember what the point of the assignment was but?? hello??? what was that

i remember being incredibly ashamed and sad bc of the humiliation but now i think abt it and...why would it be so bad to like a fat dude? what was so funny abt it to a bunch of elementary schoolers? who or what taught them that fat people cant be attractive, loved and/or wanted?

im glad i changed my mindset now tho, but sometimes i still fall back to that fatphobic rethoric. for example today i thought my sociology teacher was handsome, but then i thought "no, no hes not. and u cant tell ur friends bc theyre gonna laugh"
bc the guy is chubby. thats it that was the reason

im angry at how long these thoughts have been ingrained in my brain and im angry that i feel like i cant like someone bc theyre fat and therefore im weird or im just being nice to that person and paying more attention to the personality. FAT PEOPLE CAN (AND ARE) ATRACTIVE FUCKING DEAL WITH IT

anyway. lots of thoughts. fat people are hot as fuck. goodbye

-Madam Whiskers

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