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Madam Whiskers in school: 11/3/22

hell yeahhh here we go again

i almost got really late today bc my dad was with people and i was upstairs watching willy wonka and the chocolate factory completely ignoring school✌️

i didn't had lunch so i thought "lets buy a hotdog in the school or smth" but HAHA they ran out of hotdogs. and hamburgers. and sandwiches. and everything that could work as lunch. great.

but ya girl doesnt give up so i bought some bizcochitos don satur (biscuits) and thats gonna be my lunch🤑

now we're on history, its great but TOO much
the teachers nice tho i like her

14:03 pm

argentinian history is so.
so much.
so tiring.

14:08 pm

i like it when teachers tell u the contents we'll see during the year :)) organization <3

14:34 pm

oh what i wouldnt give to be indulging in my hyperfixation rn...i wanted to doodle 71!Veruca bc shes gorgeous but i was a lil ashamed of looking her up on Pinterest

15:44 pm

recess was fun!! this time all of my friends talked as a group, and one of them said we're all a group :))<3 we ended up in my classroom, straight up vibing

now my classmate Kiara and i are trying to do the history assignment but its hard...or we're lazy. maybe both

16:06 pm waiting as if we were getting another recess but we won't :( just want to have fun with friends or go home why do i have to study

16:08 pm

OH THIS TEACHER IS SO DUMB one of my friends told us she got lost with her assignments very easily and explained weirdly BUT I DIDNT EXPECT TO GET THAT PROVED TODAY. THE FIRST DAY I HAVE HER.

16:29 pm

>be my history teacher
>say ur gonna dictate a text
>dont dictate it
>have the class waiting for like 20 minutes
>"well our hour is over now! see u next friday"

we have sociology now and it sounds tedious but we'll see! thats what i thought abt politics & communication and its actually not that bad

also my school gave us food :3 we got 2 turrones for each one anddd no juice today (we usually get juice) but its ok bc i bought a juice during recess (bc this dummy foror her fucking water bottle)

16:48 pm

crushing in my sociology teacher's voice rn why is it so soothing hello
his handwriting is fucking awful tho
i have no idea how im gonna copy hat hes writing on the blackboard...

16:50 pm

omg he uses the app 'classroom' even though we're not on online classes anymore señor Roberto ur my favorite teacher and i love u with all my heart

'classroom' is literally so useful idk why teachers are so reluctant to make one now that we're not online anymore SHUT UP AND MAKE A CLASSROOM SO I CAN KEEP TRACK OF MY MISSING ASSIGNMENTS 🔪🔪🔪

17:14 pm

my teacher: i think women are better than men
my classmate: i think both are good
me, mentally: oh i like both

sorry this was a very dumb thought but i thought it was funny

18:06 pm

only half an hour more and we're done!! today went...much quicker than the other day, lol
i have 2 questions left...but i got lazy...hh

18:18 pm

omg magic number
brb gonna look it up

ohhhhh~ doesnr apply to my life at all
ok whatever

18:22 pm

we're almost out!! as i said, today flied
i finished my assignments all today so now ive no homework✌️

i lied
i didnt finish the history thing
but ive the answers i just have to copy them lol

summary!! uhhh today was fun! i talked more with my othe friends instead of only Ari, so that was good
i meet 2 teachers and theyre cool (...specially the sociology one ok ok im sorry ill stop)
so yeah! it was a good day

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man te voy a ser honesto me cague todo xq yo tengo una amiga llamada kiara y me quede "... MADAM WHISKERS PODRIA POSIBLEMENTE SER DE MI ESCUELA? DE MI SALON?"

hasta que vi el horario (yo voy a la mañana) y el hecho de que tienen kiosko JAIKODJAOFWA

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tan cerca y tan lejos
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