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Time Travel to the Glory Days of Social Media

Scene - Laying in bed at 3am scrolling TikTok

I happen upon a video from user @antrobo10, gotta give credit, and he's talking about the wonder years of MySpace. I'm grinning and nodding along to everything he's saying given that I was the generation that took full advantage of MySpace, hell I even met the mother of my child on the platform. I scroll through the comments and happen to see someone mention I was like wtf if that?! A MySpace clone?! Count me tf in!!! That was 2 days ago. I have been grinning like the Cheshire cat since I signed up and started editing my profile. The nostalgia trip this has me on is phenomenal. Trying to remember how to code my profile, getting music to play, and some much more. This is the best and makes me so happy to be back to a simpler time of social media. No news feed, no algorithm to tell me what I should be looking at, no BS, and no harmful stuff thrown in your face when you log in unless you purposefully seek it out. It's quiet....I like quiet. So happy to be here and share this moment with any and all here. For those of us who remember had had MySpace back in the day....welcome back! For those who are new and just now experiencing this...I hope you enjoy it. Let's have fun and be friends!!

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