Recap of my 1st week at CEDAR POINT

Ok! So, I made a tiktok video of the cutest geese family of Cedar Point. I was just cleaning gum off the ground in Steel Vengeance Queue lines when this family of geese strolled into our queues. It was so cute! I have the link to the video as well as the embed code added in here so y'all can get to the video one way or the other lol

@just1morebreath I was just trying to clean the qeues and this family decided to try an ride. They were too short! ##SteelVengeance ##GeeseOfCedarPoint ##CedarPoint ##fyp ♬ original sound - 🦄 Jozie Jade 🌈

Here are my vlogs I made for leaving Tennessee as well as the first day! They were very quickly put together so not up to my normal standard of editing, so please forgive me. I was just so exhausted after all the training!

Now - A recap of my first week of training and cleaning. I got all the boring training out of the way! 10 hours of sitting on my butt listening to someone read off the power point slides! Monday starts the rides training. I can't wait to start training on our ride so I can FINALLY ride Steel Vengeance. We got to run it yesterday! Maintenance ran it on Wednesday! I took lots of videos. But I don't know if I can post them lol. I don't want to get into trouble.

I am not in my early 20s anymore. My body is hurting! *lol* But, as I told my husband, it is a happy misery because I am in my true happy place! We worked in the freezing cold and rain on Thursday! That was so miserable! But, I did it with a smile because it is what it would be like if I was on Survivor! And I want to be on Survivor so bad! Now, I was working much slower than normal and taking a lot of breaks and hiding away to get out of the rain, but everyone was doing that. They did send us home an hour early! I was happy about that!

So, there is my recap of my first week working at Cedar Point! Y'all should apply! If you are out of state and between the ages of 18-29, they provide housing! It will be a summer your will never forget, plus, if you start before May 31, and are still working July 9th, you get a $500 bonus in your check on July 9!!!!! Plus, employee ride nights with awesome food, music, and unlimited rides on the rides that are open that night. Each ride night has different rides. I suggest working as a ride operator. It is the best department! You will have to pass a drug test though! So no marijuana!!!

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