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Angry message from eBay UK Seller

You can learn a lot about someone when presented with an opportunity to earn money. However, things change and situations change. Often times you find better deals than others, thus requesting to cancel an order. That's what I did.

While my experience in kindly requesting a cancellation has been good, one has stood out to me. This happened not long ago.

Shoutout to rude eBay seller danne_1504 for messaging me this after asking to request a cancellation in a nice way. His response:

You unequivocal jebend

I'm not British, nor do I currently reside in the UK. After looking up the term, it's a reference to the male genitalia. I think we know the phrase he was getting at.

Awwww, how sweet. Because when it comes to hurling insults at other people, their genitalia is the first thing that comes to mind. Talk about sexual depravity...I mean, I feel complimented. Someone out there thinks about my "lizard," and targets that as a basis for an insult (out of all the things he could've called me, given his already unprofessional behavior). Maybe he himself needs a "lizard" to stay sane. "You do you," right?

Thanks for the message danne. As an American-born citizen, I've heard worse terms directed toward me. Keep your eBay business strong, I'm sure your rotten attitude won't get in the way of your online success.

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