on some real shit, though.

the fuck do people mean when they say they a God-fearing Christian? they fear God or do God fear them? 

either way, I'd be down for some chili cheese dogs and a coca-cola right about now.

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I think when people describe themselves as a God fearing Christian it means that they are in awe of and respect God, and that they are able to look to that as their highest calling, which is to walk in love with God. To be afraid of God, because he is the source of all power and glory. To be afraid of God because he's the source of everything we see and everything we experience in this universe. To be a God fearing Christian means that you are willing to accept the mystery of God, and you are willing to put yourself out into the world to discover what God has to offer.

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woah. makes sense.

you think God drinks coke, though?

by zennicai; ; Report

God would drink Coke and eat McDonalds, then that God will also drink Pepsi, then that God will eat a sandwich, then that God will drink milk, then that God will eat a pizza.

He is not going to create the universe and then sit back and watch us eat McDonalds and drink Coke all night without at least trying it.

by Pasithea; ; Report

fair point. I think him and I would be pals.

by zennicai; ; Report

james casualty

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okay but some chili cheese veggie dogs and coke sounds fire right now.

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now that's the spirit. :))

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