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gabbering about my hyperfixtations lol


Vib-Ribbon is a game from
the early 2000s. currently
its obtainable on PS3 and PS1
the protagonist is a vector
drewn rabbit named Vibri.
they like listening to music
and walking. but obstacles
block their way throughout
the vibribbon.


theres alot to explain, so hold on to me here!

phase 1

2D (known as Stuart Pot during this time) was hit by a car. then he flew out Murdoc's windshield. this was the cause of his black eyes. Noodle was shipped to Kong Studios a day after the Paula Cracker Incident. theres not much else so lets move on.

phase 2

Noodle had strange nightmares and decides to go to japan to see (or hear) the cause of this. upon the magic word "ocean bacon", Noodle regains her memories and gets a new found power to speak english! Noodle snuck a song onto Demon Days, it was a remix of "People" with Shaun Ryder (ItS dArE). Noodle gets shot down tragically and leaves a scar on the band, making them go into a 5 year hiatus.

phase 3

(this is a VERY important phase.)
Murdoc made a clone of Noodle to make up for her "death". His mistreatment to 2D is highly amplified because of the negative manic state hes in. (hes also more narcsistic while this.) i kinda forgot the rest so lets just end here lol

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