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its been a while


i always forget i have this and then its months later and i cant even come on because it been 2 long but whatever right?
anyway whats been happening in my life?
i got like 3 new tattoos, my 2 favourites are my chucky and chuckys bride tattoos and they just looks cool and i love them so much. i got my septum and my nose repierced, i did have an eyebrow piercing too but it was starting to reject so i took it out. i also started streatching my ears!! im now at an 8g, i think my goal size is 00g. also once my septum has been healed for a while imma start streatching that too!! :D my hairs pink again i was green that turned blue, i have my bangs again, so i look exactly the same as my pfp just more swag lol.
im currently on antipsychotics AND mood stabilisers, are they working? i have no clue. also started absusing my meds again (only the antipsychotics tho cus they make me sleep hella and thats how i realised i was in a depressive episode again lol) 
oh! i also have an almost girlfriend :] weve been talking for months but weve yet to go on a first date, after the first date we'll be official im sure of it.
ive been listening to the front bottoms alot too, but i am 2 months and 7 days sober free from self harm!! meaning i havent selfharmed this year :D 
im also planning to go on a vacation with my friend in september that im excited about, ive been buying alot of clothes recently too and i got 2 new build a bears:3 
well ill leave this here, ill post another blog soon! <3 

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