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ok so i play siege and i am in fact a girl. so naturally i dont voice chat in games because my teammates can be a real bitch to me. i would say there have been like 6 times i have talked in games and the first question i get is usually r u a girl. i would say only 4 of them was bad but im still scared to talk. and the reason is that if they know im a girl, i start playing bad. and its so annoying. the second i get asked r u a girl i put myself under pressure. if i remember there was this study about stereotypes and it included two. 1) women being bad at math 2) asian people being good at math. i think all the participants were asian women and they had to take 2 tests. in 1st test they were reminded that they were asian and in the 2nd they were reminded that they were women. and it did turn out like the stereotype. meaning that stereotypes affect people a lot. and i think this is what happens to me too. ive played the game with my male friends and whenever i get a kill they applaud me saying good job n shit like what? or explain the basic shit that everyone who plays the game knows AND i have been playing it for a year.  ive seen youtube videos of girls being harassed in games because they are a girl and it really made me not want to voice chat. and since there is a stereotype about girls being bad at games  im scared i'll be the stereotype and this fear makes me the stereotype, y'know? or maybe im just reaching lol

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