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Pokemon Day + Generation 9 Announcement / Blog#14

Happy Pokémon day!! The Pokémon live this morning was so awesome. I am really excited for generation 9!! Out of the three starters announced my favorite is Quaxly, but Fuecoco is a close second. Sprigatito is a nice design too, but I need to see how it evolves so I'm reserving my opinion for now. Honestly if the open world and AR features are as good as Arceus' than I'm already more than satisfied! I think it looks really promising and can't wait to see more

The Pokémon Go announcement is also really exciting! I am a huge fan of Pokémon Sun/Moon so I am very excited to try and get the starters as shinies in POGO lmao. I haven't played the new Arceus update, but I've heard mostly positive things. Supposedly the mass outbreak mechanics work differently now but the shiny odds are boosted/better. Once I've finished the new quests and played some I'll be sure to update either here or in a new blog post.

I'm definitely going to preorder Pokemon Violet. I hope they have an option to preorder and get a plush like with Arceus. Maybe a plush of this games' legendary :0?

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Happy Pokemon Day to you too bud. Im leaning towards Violet. Idk who I'm pick as my starter cause to me they look weird. I hope the random plushie keychain from BDSP happens again too since I'm indecisive af.

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That's fair!! A random keychain actually would be pretty pog. . . good thinking

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