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Cookie Run Kingdom / Blog#13

Last blog I briefly talked about club penguin rewritten so I'm dedicating this blog to another game I quite enjoy: Cookie Run Kingdom. You may recognize the franchise from its other titles Cookie Run, Cookie Wars, Cookie Run Ovenbreak, etc etc. Personally I've only played CRK and while I'm not an amazing player I still love the game. Personally my favorite cookie is Dark Choco so I'm just over the moon with the new event and world (though I'm only on world 10 so no spoilers please!!) and I'm trying really hard to roll King Cacao cookie lmao

I was actually stuck on world 9 for a long time until my friend (the one I sent flowers) helped me reorganize my cookies and make a new team, and then a different friend gave me more insight on what cookie skills work well with others which really allowed me to maximize my power output. I also recently unlocked the trading docks so I've been sending out ships and getting that coin B)
If anyone plays on Pure Vanilla servers feel free to friend me, my account user is DairyDunes. You should also join the guild I'm in, right now it's just me and my gay posse (lol) but we're always open to new members esp if you'll contribute!!

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