Quest for the Relics: Kamuy 1 [Repost]


Kamuy glowered as these outlanders approached him in his longhall. “Talon, what the hell is this?” Talon cast off his fur cloak and stepped closer to the fire, shooting Kamuy a scornful look. As the Druid of the Children of the Sleeping Giant, only he could disrespect their high king, called the Strider, and get away with it.  

“Friends in need of assistance,” was all he said. It cued a harrumph from Kamuy, who was known as Loudroar given his skillful battle cries, but he wasn’t shouting now. At least not yet. 

“You’re the medicine man,” Kamuy said, with a hint of dismissiveness in his voice. 

“That may be, but you still need to see them and hear their tale of what happened to them.”

“Hear me, Strider,” Cisco said. “We came under attack upon the road from the Rook’s Belltower. I’m still not sure what to call them, but they were monsters, and no ordinary breed of creature.”

“Hear me, Pirate, you are known to us, and a friend. Our runespires have detected increased activity in the Shadowed Lands. Perhaps the Sorcerer’s legions have returned.”

“Aye, mayhaps that is true, but it was our goal to reconnoiter this region. It seems our intel was correct. Once Lunette is healed, we will be back on our way.” 

“I will do all that I can,” Talon interjected. “If she is a friend to you, then she is a friend to us. So say us all.”

“So say us all,” Kamuy echoed. 

Talon had set Lunette down by the fire and had been tending her since he threw his cloak off, which explained why he hadn’t taken much part in the conversation at large. “Ervaz owain qorstanza alech emaud,” He intoned, beginning what sounded like a ritual chant.  “Al man mat du rhat!”  Talon repeated the phrase six more times, to round out to seven, the total number of the tribes calling themselves the Children of the Sleeping Giant. Lunette woke up with a start as her grievous wounds receded and healed, pulling her back from the brink of a gruesome and untimely death. 

Her eyes began to sparkle with unshed tears. “Cisco? What happened to me?” 

“You almost died, love,” Cisco was not one to beat around the bush. At least not when it came to cheating death. Lunette awkwardly regained her feet and then threw her arms around Talon before staggering over to Cisco and kissing him. 

“I don’t know how I can ever repay both of you,” she said, coughing at the end of her sentence. Though she was healed, she had almost passed beyond the veil, and something of it lingered in her expression, although she didn’t say anything else before a runner burst into the longhall. 

Gan ma! What is it now?” Kamuy boomed, further displeased.

“Many apologies, Strider. More outlanders have come.” As he finished his sentence, three guards with polearms appeared, with Matthias, Allegra, and Robidas in tow, their arms bound behind their backs with leather cords. 

“What should we do with them?” the runner asked. 

“Many thanks Garen, but they are not to be harmed,” Talon said. “I sense something familiar about this one,” he pointed to Matthias. “Unbind them. I wish to see them up close.” The guards hastened to obey, afraid to displease the Druid lest they be turned into sheep. Garen crossed one arm over his chest and nodded in a salute before beckoning to the guards and leaving the hall. 

“This one has the look of a kinsman,” Talon said, gesturing to Matthias that he should approach. 

“How can you tell?” Kamuy said, getting to his feet. 

“I recognize something of the Raven Tribe in his countenance,” Talon said. He didn’t elaborate. Kamuy descended from his seat to get in Matthias’ face. 

“So! A kinsman, are you? How can you be, outlander?”

“My name is Matthias Gamron,” Matthias returned testily. 

“Hah, Gamron! You’re used to the lap of luxury then,” Kamuy pie-faced him. 

“Kamuy!” Talon said warningly. “They are guests. They mean us no ill will.” 

“If you say he is of the Raven Tribe, then he could challenge for the throne.”

“I don’t want it,” Matthias said tersely. His response caused Kamuy to bellow with laughter. 

“No challenge? Ah, your honesty is refreshing. Come then, kinsman, let us join the evening feast.”

Talon turned to Allegra and Robidas. “Princess Allegra, we are honored by your presence. Word has reached our ears of your bethrothal.”

“How do you know this?” Allegra said in surprise. 

“We have our ways,” Talon said without going into detail.. 

After the feast that night, Matthias and the gang were gifted with fresh horses and bade to ride back to the Belltower. They were also granted safe passage through the lands around the Sleeping Giant - essentially the totality of the Barbarians’ territory. All was well, for now.


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