Entry 1: The Simple Art of Opening A Door

I find myself lost most days. Every door I walk through seems to take me somewhere else, somewhere new. I can never keep track of what is happening day to day, because I feel like I am experiencing multiple instances together. 

What I am referring to is the side effects of a full-time shifter. Does one ever learn the lesson of infinity? Or is this a skill that perpetuates a cycle that amplifies your curiosity and maximizes your consequences. Most days I try to convince myself that I'll stop once serious damage starts happening to my reality, but I know that part of me would want to keep pushing, hoping to find a way out. In many ways, I am like Alice, smitten by dissatisfaction, and eager for something unknown. Perhaps these ramblings will make more sense if I explain where this began. 

Where I stand today, seven years into my journey, I can easily tell you that life is better lived in the dark, unaware of what the universe is capable of. But life is boring without all of its traumas and chaos. So deeper we dive, every chance we get. When a person "shifts", they relocate their consciousness to a new host; another version of themselves. How would someone do this? Well, try and imagine this: the universe is like a looking glass; each life you live is a lens that you look at the universe through. For example, you are living now, reading this, probably not understanding what is being said, because in the perspective of your life, infinity is not a concept. Other people may read this and think to themselves "why is this person stating the obvious?"

The truth is, where we exist is a vast expansion of life, where endless instances take place. You meet millions of people, see thousands of wonders, etc. Everything you do or witness somebody doing, has been done and repeated an immeasurable number of times, all with different results or consequences. As to why someone would ever want to roll the dice of varying these results, I do not know. I got into it because I died. I came back shortly after, but ever since that day, my world was a very fragile and surreal place. So, I began to ask the big questions, to seek the hard answers and face who I really was and where I was. I stumbled across shifting, or quantum jumping, and basically never looked back. The first time I shifted, my entire world turned upside down and it was the first time I didn't really recognize myself. Today, I have faced many versions of myself and have been able to have a deeper perspective into who I am inside, disregarding my influences. I have been many places I didn't want to be; I call them "misfires". Those are the times I find myself trying to shift daily. I explored huge amounts of my consciousness. Eventually, the days began to blend together, and experiences became fleeting. A year or two would go by and I would feel that I had missed everything, only to shift again into a place where most of those experiences didn't exist. Confusing right? 

Who knew the maelstrom that would come, from simply opening a door?

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