NEW VIDEO: "Hack RUN" for the iOS

Hey everyone!

Been a lot of tech fixing behind the scenes, trying to get with the retro aspect of my video gaming series Friday Night Video Gaming—so much so that I forgot to post a blog post about a new video! My apologies.

Who would've thought there was a game based off of hacking? That's the treat for this week! I look and tackle a game using words and clues to *hack* my way through the game, unveiling parts of the story and much more. Oh, and that command line interface really brings me back to my college days when I was self-taught in programming. Makes it feel like I'm actually pulling the operations off, instead of playing a game.

Big thanks to i273 for this game, this is Hack RUN for the iOS! See how far I've been able to go at:

Thank you to everyone for watching!

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