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Going thru some shit


My roommate and I tend to go through these cycles where we used to valance each other out with one feeling good with lots of spoonies and the other feeling down with little spoonies. 

The the pandemic hit. Needless to say between the online shopping g and feeling sad from being disconnected from people we both fell in a low-cycle hole.

We also have 3 households worth of stuff. She took many boxes home from. Her sister's apartment when her older sister passed away from cancer. It took my roommate a month to clean and go through her things. Much of it went to donation like the Habitat ReStore and Dress for Success. But yeah a lot of things came to my place. Currently every room in the house needs some elbow grease to clean/organize. Today, I'm working on the den. Which has a lot of her things. But I found some shoes of mine that don't fit. Those are going to Goodwill since they are gently used.

We get orders from Melalucca and I found 3 boxes that have the same recurring order in them. Those have to be dealt with. There are bins of fabric (my roomie took to sewing masks as a way to cope with the pandemic). A few bags that had some items I will donate. 

So I'm getting thru stuff...I think I'm going to try to tackle my office next. That is pretty much my issue and it is horrendous in there. Namely because I don't want to spend any more time in there than I already do for work.

I don't know whether it's the nice weather (I do hope to spend a little time outside maybe today) but I'm glad I found some motivation. It has been severely lacking and I think the idea of having friends wanting to come visit agai. Now that we are all vaccinated has given my the kick in the ass I needed.

Pray for me that it all gets resolved!


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