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Happy times

So this past weekend was amazing. I went to Hudson, NY (along with a lot of other people, apparently) with my roomie and a mutual friend to browse the main drag of shops and get outside. It wasn't perfect weather. It was cool and overcast and started to lightly rain towards the end of our time there.

We  ventured into a record shop stacked with used LPs. Got a few including a double-LP of Chick Corea a round jazz musician who just passed away a month or so ago. My riomie found a Leonard Nimoy LP so I'm curious what that is, most likely spoken word or some sort. Also got The English Beat CD I didn't already have.

We then went into a store called Tradewins and I bought a wool Sherpa hat lined with fleece and some fingerless mitts. Even though I could knit both they were very soft and pretty and on clearance! 

We went into a collectors shop which had a lot of old military uniforms, soviet ones. It also had vintage and antique house wares. A set of AMAZING chair though the set was out-of-this-world expensive. I bought some antique buttons the from the shop owner's grandmother's collection- there were SO many jars cobtaining little sets of buttons in dime baggies.

Then we went looking at a vision retailer which had eyeglass frames that I have never seen anything like before. Very interesting styles. Not inexpensive but definitely fashionable. And the store had amazing art featured gallery style.

Sunday was spent with family for the birthdays of my niece and nephew. My nephew turned one and my niece turned three. They had one of those little tykes bounce houses that I guess they bought during Xmas season. Apparently it fits in a sac the size of a duffle bag so I wouldn't be surprised if they brought it to my parents house over the summer when they come visit. I started a sock so I could knit in the car, the shawl for my mom is getting to big to travel and schlep.

After I got back from my sister's I got to hang out with some other friends at one house, we chatted and ordered Doninican. Ong the baked chicken I got was so tasty and the sweet plantains are always a treat. We then chilled on the couch and watched some episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

I got to hug people I haven't touched in over a year. I truly appreciate my family and friends and I'm glad we all made it through to get vaccinated.

It felt strange; for it to be such a "return to normal" kind of weekend. But I can't wait for what summer will bring!

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