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survey says I'm pretty

001. What is Your Name?


002. How old are you?

very young, just like a really hot baby

003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?


004. Height:

6', 6'6" sitting down

005. Where do you live?

in a constant state of panicked aggression

006. Do you wear a lot of makeup?

I'm too pretty without it

007. Piercings?

just my piercing blue eyes

Your Perfect Date:

008. Age:

no younger than 85

009. His Body characteristics?

not so much a body as a sentient ball of gaseous vapors in the general shape of a ding dong

010. Hair color:

same as his skin color. like perfect match. like they forgot to paint a ken doll

011. Where would you go?

I'd put a hand in if he let me, but only if he wore the minions costume

012. Is he: outgoing or shy?

either, I just want to be not-so-sure if he's going to murder me the entire time

013. Would you kiss on the first date?

which part?

014. What about going farther than a kiss?

I do things the other girls can't

015. Does he wear boxers or breifs?

in fact, I do things the other girls shouldn't

Which do you prefer?

016. Pizza or pasta?

pasta on pizza

017. Jeans or a dress?

jeans under a dress, because I'm both funky and fun.

018. Abercormbie and Fitch or Urban Outfitters?

you can catch me doing a noise set at Ann Taylor loft if you bring me pretzel nuggets from the knock off auntie annes pretzel stand

019. Be Rich or Be Happy?

Who's Richard? Who's Happy? Do they like T Girls?

020. Shower or a Bath?

Never tried either, I've never stunk. Some girls don't. idk what to tell you.

021. Gym or music?

Girl wtf how are these comparable?

022. Family or friends?

Friends of your family, but not great friends. Casual work acquaintances, the lady who works at the gas station, etc.

023. Kiss or hug?

what kind of girl do you think I am?

024. Drugs or alcohol or none?

gasoline, unleaded.

Have you ever?

025. Failed a class?

I am the class

026. Ran away from home?

I am the home

027. Cursed at your parents?

no, but I cursed my parents.

028. Taken a dare too far? what was the dare?

I ate a whole jar of pickles before going to the checkout counter and nobody stopped me

029. Flashed someone?

no, but I flished someone. I'll give you two guesses what that implies and they're both prolly wrong

030. Made out?

like a bandit

031. Had a sexual experience with the same sex? What was it?

cisgender heterosexual woman of god here, no way Jose

Your Favorite:

032. TV Show:

I like the pillow guy with the Jesus necklace when he does his little commercial, that's fun for me.

033. Clothes Store:

the whole world is your closet when you aren't afraid to shoplift

034. School subject:

girl please

035. Music Artist:

jewel, but at half speed and layered over haunted house sounds

036. Song:

we like to party - vengaboys, but muffled under the sounds of the Eastern European next door neighbors fighting in broken English

037. Food:

tin cans and thick mans


038. Body type (slim/medium/athletic/other)

kinda like a refrigerator, but flirty and youthful

039. bra size?

I've just been cutting off the bottom of a plastic grocery bag and putting my arms through the handles. it's really sweaty and uncomfortable and it usually rips and doesn't support my baby fountains nearly as much as you'd think, but I save a ton of money on sports bras

040. Whats on your dresser?

ew, only poor people wear the same clothes twice, I literally just steal a new outfit everyday and then throw it in a trash can on the way home gross

041. Do you have any siblings? How old are they?

listen when I made that pact with a 3000 year old malicious demon spirit and murdered my entire family in that house in the woods of Connecticut, I dang sure wasn't counting siblings. bye. dumb question.

042. What do you wear to bed?

I prefer the sideways turned broken vending machine with a layer of foam packing taped over the broken glass to get my sessions in, beds are for fancy girls and I aint one of em.

043. How old were you when you first had Sex?

lol how old WASNT I when I first had sex

044. Do you beleive in ghosts?

ghosts believe in me

045. Do you have your own pc?

music? plenty, go check it out.

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