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Late Sunday night

On this Sunday things were okay. I wasn't in much pain except for an hour earlier at eleven am. During that time I took tylenol and ibuprofen capsules. I felt a bit better after that time. I went to dunkin donuts with my mom, oldest sister and nephew at twelve pm. This time I had gotten a medium strawberry dragonfruit refresher to drink. I also had a donut and hash browns. My youngest sister was looking after Angel. We brough back her large iced coffee with donut and hash browns. My mom and oldest sister had large iced coffees with their lunch. A donut and hash browns is considered a small lunch to me. Most could probably agree with me on that. Although it was okay with me. I could have gotten more yet wasn't necessary. Dinner was a couple of hours away. My oldest sister cooked smoked turkey with yellow rice and green beans. That was at seven pm. I wanted to give a daily update concerning Angel. She has been walking around a lot as yesterday ago. Angel has been eating timothy hay and timothy hay pellets a bit more. She's also drinking water as usual. A few hours ago at eight pm Angel walked behind me. I was going into the kitchen to get a bottled water. I thought to myself how Angel is being herself again. That made me very happy to see. She's walking everywhere and interacting with us again. I gave her medication at ten am and ten pm to be exact. From what we are monitoring Angel has been doing well. It's the progress that we wanted for her. Although we do understand that Angel has a heart condition. That's not stopping her from improving which is important. I'm going to get ready for bed in another hour or two. I don't intentionally try to procrastinate it. It's twelve am in Florida right now. Although I still titled this entry late Sunday night. I'm referring to what happened on Sunday. Most can understand my point with that. I plan to write inside my journal. Then listen to music and play mobile games before going to sleep. I'm not exactly tired. Peace until next time.

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