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friday ramblings (chess, cartoons)

hi friends,

today was a long day, but i'm excited to be home. i'm laying in bed under a pink hello kitty blanket, sipping some lemon vodka, and studying chess moves. i'm still not that good at chess, but i've been having a really fun time learning. currently, my elo is about ~1020, which i'm proud to finally be in the four-digit rating, even if it's not that special overall.

right now, i'm reading through a book called lasker's manual of chess, and it's been teaching me better "board vision", which is helping me see moves i never saw before. along with simple tactics, i can feel my plays slowly increasing in effectiveness.


i just watched the newest episodes of SUMMER CAMP ISLAND!!! that show is seriously amazing. i can't believe it doesn't have more of a cult following, considering adventure time was such a hit, and SCI has many of the same staff (not to mention the same cute style and sensibilities). no spoilers, but damn, those new four episodes are so good. seriously. if you're a fan of cartoons, you're doing yourself a disservice by not watching the show. PM me for a link to watch the show if you're interested.

i'm going to continue sipping vodka and enjoying my evening! if anybody wants to play some online chess, hit me up!
chess.com : littlecombat
lichess.org : littlecombat

cheers! ♡

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eva 🛹

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would be into playing some chess!

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