My poems got rejected for my school student arts magazine, so to feel better I'm gonna post one of them here. Maybe i'll post more later.

Not So Abandoned  

A facility frozen  forgotten to time
The excitement I experienced  from exploring  
until my stomach sank   from stress of trespassing   I say
We have been here long enough  let's leave
Crawling through a collapsed corridor  
I see a pair of stained sneakers
Signal to my sidekick   slip away
Through factory floors  losing our forward motion
Owner of the footwear  fell in full view
Fear in full force  we step onto higher floors
Plenty of police  patrol outside
Our dread doubles in size  this will become more difficult  
We slowly sneak away  sanguine for a staircase
Reached an entrance  ran for the range
Cops come up  commands us down
Handcuffed and searched  they asked if we saw someone
I confess the character of the criminal
his heather hoodie   unkempt hair
bleached blue jeans  bland behavior/bearing
They say he shot someone a few streets away
They were there for them  and not us
After being asked  about our aim
at this site  we were subsequently set free

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Goblin Teatime

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I can't draw, but sometimes I fantasize about running away from adult life and becoming a stop motion embroidery artist. This is something I would animate if I had the skills.

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I get that feeling a lot too. I remember when I got my first car I almost just ran away. I still get that when I go on joy rides at night, like what if?
Also, a lot animators are self taught, everyone has to start somewhere!

by Nimthiriel; ; Report

That's true! ;)

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

His Excellency Lord Byron

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🔮 Laruto

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Love it!

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by Nimthiriel; ; Report