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the more i play yugioh master duel the more i hate it

note: this is a rant i posted on reddit to the master duel community i'm posting here as well cuz i don't know how well it'll survive over there

ok i really do like yugioh let's get that out of the way sure it's not my top TCG but it's definitely a game i have fun with i started in 2005 left around 2012 and came back when duel links released so it's not like i'm a bad player my deck is heroes for crying out loud and is literally good enough being built around trinity to pound a good meta deck which i only know cuz that's the only thing people seem to like to play on this game which is actually one of my problems actually the community has some issues too with elitist cuz every time i point out this game isn't fun it's lacking variety those are the people that like to show up and argue and they argue in bad faith anyways just cuz my deck is good enough to face meta deck players does not mean thats what i want to face every duel yet it doesn't matter what rank i'm at 9 out of 10 matches it's the same 5 decks 2 of which are notorious for long turns so auto surrender those and another which calls itself a control deck but is actually a lock deck (there is a difference) so auto surrender those add in brick hands and you get a pretty bad losing streak with time wasted and that's all this game is and the more i play it the more it's apparent this game has issues even duel links wasn't this bad and it got all the way up to pendulums man (provided i left duel links when they added pendulums) yall need to cool your jets and don't give me the "well dont play ranked mode" bs it's the only mode besides solo and duel room (which is used to play against friends) and even if it wasn't it runs on a ranking system and this isn't a team game so there should be no problem matching players based on skill but yet that seems to be something this game heavily fails at all i'm saying is this game has a lot of issues that are rage inducing when you just want to kick back have some fun and knock out your missions so that way you can build more decks

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