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April sixteenth

Many hours ago I called the doctor's office. I didn't get explanation on why the medication wasn't ready at cvs pharmacy. I'm extremely disappointed with what happened at the doctor's office. I have to now go to the emergency room instead. It's beyond awful being in pain throughout the day. It wasn't the stomach pain as yesterday ago. It was the jaw pain that returned. I took tylenol and ibuprofen which did helped earlier. As it gotten later in the day I started to notice pain again. I did my best with tolerating the pain. I have a dentist appointment soon. I definitely have to get my right side wisdom removed. Originally it was suppose to happen late last year ago. I mentioned what happened which is unfortunate because I wouldn't be in pain right now. Although as far as dental work needing to be done it's far from over. I'm referring to two other back molar teeth on the right. Honestly having a certain amount of money would solve pretty much the minor to moderate dental issues I have. At least I know saving money does matter if having something to save. That's my opinion on it. I believe things will be okay with that. Angel has been doing very well for today. She taken medication twice as usual. It was eleven am and several minutes ago. We had seen her walk around a lot. Angel ate timothy hay and timothy hay pellets while drinking water regularly. We are happy to see progress with Angel. I went to Starbucks coffee with my mom, sisters and nephew. I had gotten the kiwi starfruit refresher again. This time in a large side. I think it's my new favorite drink from Starbucks. My oldest sister thinks it's okay. I know it's not her favorite. My youngest sister had a strawberry frappuccino drink. Mom also had a refresher drink. I had pumpkin bread as well. For today we went to see our brother. He was doing okay. Afterwards we had visit our grandmother. She was doing well. It was during seven pm when we left. For dinner it was kfc again. This time chicken and biscuits with fries. I had a raspberry tea to drink. It's almost twelve am in Florida at this time. Peace until next time.

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