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media consumption report, volume 1 issue 4 - 12/11

no x files today (yet) but i listened to a few albums.

syrup usa - all over the land

listened to this one because 1. the main singer/songwriter was in the band swirlies (wonderful lofi shoegaze) and 2. the absurd album cover and band name. pretty nice album. 7/10

codeine - frigid stars

a depressing album but a good one at that. love this cover too. 7/10

the cramps - smell of femaleĀ 

spectacular live album with one of the best cramps lineups. you've got good taste is such a fun song. long live lux and ivy. 8/10

kate bush - the dreaming

one of those records thats totally unique from everything else. kate went all out on this one and its a masterpiece. this and hounds of love show off how much artistic ability the woman has. 8/10

new order - (the best of) neworder

from the few songs that i had heard from new order i wasn't really a fan and i decided to just try out the entire greatest hits compilation. still not a fan. i do like joy division though but they're obviously different. 6/10

and with that i'm gonna log off for the night. cyatmrw

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