The end of...

It's the end of my laptop's adapter as well as the semester, almost. A couple days ago the adapter for my laptop stopped working and I only figured it out after my laptop notified me I had about 9 minutes left of charge. I bought my laptop on ebay late last year. It was only around $160 and in really good condition. It's a Panasonic Let's Note which they don't make anymore. I think it was first released in 2009, so about 12 years ago. I was just glad to be able to get something for so cheap and it's a cute laptop. Super light too and small which is what I've really needed especially since I travel so much (used to).

Anyway I managed to find an adapter on Best Buy that should get here next week. I really hope it works since I have assignments to finish and only two weeks to do them, but for now my mom's let me use her laptop.

My semester ends this month and then they said I can't take classes til September but in the meantime I will probably get back to studying Japanese on my own. I'd been using Minna no nihongo book but I think I will try to get Genki books. 

I really want to get a new bag for school and just in general. Hard to find the bag I want so I might just settle for a regular backpack. I have a few other bags but they're all so big.

Still into Animal Crossing. Still building and still time traveling to get it done. I finished building a school and now I'm working on the east side of my island.

Oh and I guess after my classes are done I can try writing songs again. I think I've figured out a way to get it done that'll be easier for me.

That's all for now and way more than I intended to type out. 


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