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January 30th

This weekend was a bit more eventful than my usual weekends. 

I went to a birthday party on Friday. It was fun, but rather awkward as half of the people didn't know each other there. But it was a pleasure non the less. 

My 16th birthday is on its way. I've been online for the past 2 weeks nonstop searching for things I'd like. Wow that makes me sound like a pig. Oh. 

My disgusting greed aside, the weekend was fine. I did some laundry Saturday, and then hopped on LOE with some friends. It was fun.

Today I mostly did more laundry, homework, and got ready for the week. 

Monday again! 

My first period of child development is tomorrow. Hope there are some nice people! 
I'm very glad I changed my class, as the other lunch wave switched as well. I would've had two that sucked. 

I've been a bit obsessed with Tinkerbell recently. I don't know why, perhaps its because she is tiny and spunky like me. I'm getting a Tinkerbelle t-shirt for my birthday. 

Thinking about this weekend has got me thinking. My life is rather uneventful isn't it?
Well I cant complain. Some people my age are out here having babies at this age. I should be thankful my days mostly consist of cleaning,  homework and laundry. 

Well, I might scroll on Tumblr for a while. 

Goodnight world! 

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