Paying your fair share? Most are not.

I see a lot of posts where lower-income people criticize the rich for "not paying their fair share" in taxes and for getting tax breaks. What a lot of lower-income people forget is that many of them also get a huge tax break. In fact, if you have children and are working, you get two HUGE tax breaks that probably resulted in you paying no taxes and still getting money from the IRS. I challenge everyone to take a close look at your tax papers after you file. If the money you get back from the IRS is larger than the money you paid throughout the year, you paid no taxes and you got "free" money from the government. You got a tax break just like the rich and you did not pay "your fair share" of taxes. In order for everyone to pay a "fair share", everyone would have to pay the same percentage of taxes. Our progressive tax system is not fair and both the rich and poor benefit.

Now, I do not criticize the lower-income people for getting this tax break. That is not the purpose of this post. In fact, I am lower income and since getting married and having children, I have also benefitted from this and that is what caused me to see this huge tax break for lower-income workers. Now, the reason I do not criticize this nor do I criticize the rich is because I am a libertarian and I believe that NO ONE should pay taxes on the income they earn. Income taxes and property taxes are the two worst forms of taxes we have. No one should be taxed for improving their lives. Think about it, we should want people to improve their lives. When people do better, society is better.

So, if you are getting onto the rich for taking tax breaks and "not paying their fair share" in taxes, take a look at your own taxes. If you take any deductions or credits, you are not paying your fair share either. If you are for everyone paying their fair share in taxes, you would want everyone (including yourself) to pay the same exact percent in taxes.

By the way, if you are getting a check from the IRS but you don't pay taxes, that isn't a refund. lol

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