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Anyone who wants to build your own website

Anyone who wants to build your own website, Fansite or whatever you want. Try a Free Webhost called Geocities.ws I Used it for my own fansite its good I like it.

Not a lot of peoples known about Geocities.ws because Yahoo shutdown Geocities back in 2009. But these guys save some old Geocities websites. They came sometime after Yahoo Geocities.

GeoCities is still aroundย 

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Okay thxs

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It says "Copyright 2014" though. Their site search is an empty page. Their forum is a 404. Somehow, I don't think they're really still around.

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Well I made my website on Geocities.ws Here's my web site http://geocities.ws/voltron_forever still works good

Plus I stay in touch with the owners of Geocities They said They are going to make Their website better and updated sometime

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