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One day I woke up & realized that my life was all of a sudden way too sedentary. I had already started live streaming on Twitch a little bit before the pandemic came about. Once the pandemic was in full swing & the world pretty much shut down, it definitely did not help with my inactivity that came about due to streaming. I mean, I became really inactive, sitting for hours and hours at a time just gaming. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that but it's definitely not healthy either. I noticed that my once very active self, who used to travel & hike every weekend, was now way too complacent with being in front of a PC all day without any sort of exercise at all. So, I had seen squats for subs before on Twitch and although I thought it may be a bit cheesy, I figured, ya know... that may just be what I need to break the monotony of just gaming for hours on end. So I did it, I initiated squats for subs during my livestream and you know what?! I saw near IMMEDIATE results! I mean, I still have a long way to go and have now begun to incorporate a much more intense morning workout (with several other exercises as well) before my twitch streams. I've definitely noticed progress and booty gains! I'd love to share my fitness/workout goals & progress with you all of you here! If any of you have any workout tips, I'd really appreciate it since I'm pretty new to the whole fitness at home life. Thanks for stopping by & reading my blog! I'll keep updates & progress photos coming!

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Up the protein! Gotta feed them muscles!

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