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Friday, January 28th, 2022

12:04, Period 3 - Math

            You never understand how lucky you have it until that luck gets ripped away. I´m sure my classmate didn´t realize this when she tempted fate this morning, around 9:30, with the action of locking her knees. You see, knee locking can stop blood flow, at least thats what Mr. W told us on day one. And by doing that action the female of 15, (at the least),  with a heart condition was made the feast of our entertainment hungry eyes. None of us enjoyed the meal as the crimson fell from her nose. The singing of our high school choir then ceased, until the bell blared and with nerve filled stomachs we made our way to the next period. A silent agreement to keep shut. I wounder if the stained riser carpet got the memo.

           Second period we began with a vocabulary test. I´ve never been very good at vocab, nor keeping my writing style constant in the way it presents itself. Even now I find myself slipping between formalities. And so the paper was a melting pot of print and signature, with handwriting shifts in every line. A symphonic melody of my chaotic brains attempt to spill every ounce of knowledge, and the guessing of over half the questions relying on the hope Murphy's Law wouldn't awaken and that today would be a lucky day. Following the test, we watched chapter four of The Great Gasby, movie wise. Toby plays his role beautifully and i cant help but smile along with him in his scenes, or wish i was drenched in the downpour with Leo as he stalks Daisy lovingly, nerves biting at him likely worse than the cold wind stripping his being. Then I stalled the departure to math class by talking with the teacher for a bit. The Topic shifted from work to book, but the intent to not go was outweighed by our responsibilities as I got my late pass and bed her farewell.

             Lastly brings me to where I am now. Third period math. I have nothing of note today. Simply a makeup day where the completed of us sit in silence and the stallers squabble away their work time. Im in love with the silence. My hopes for today are that I will get beyond expectation for my french progress online, and that my boyfriend and me may have a moment to ourselves to mourn the distance between us and look on the bright sides of the situation. I bid this blod ado.

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