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Character Building | Matthew Cobalt (Part 2) - The Three Years Of Struggle

The Three Years Of Struggle (1 - 3 Y.S.T.):

During this time, Matthew had to go though so much. Over 3 years, he had teleported and traveled between dozens of worlds. They ranged between the Modern Worlds with slight differences, Fantasy Worlds suitable for an Isekai Novel, and Sci-Fi futurism/apocalypes.

Over this period of time he had developed some finer abilities, including cloaking, a form of physical diguise/transformation, and minor matter creation.

One of the more notable encounters Matthew had was when he had been captured by the SCP Foundation. He tried his best to explain who he was and what he can do. He was in isolation, but at least safe. Took only 4 months for facility to have a containment breach. Apparently a splinter faction from The Church of the Broken God had worked with The Chaos Insurgency to break in. It was only a partial success, as very few SCPs were taken in, him included.

During this time he made a good impression and had a short list of acquaintances between the two groups, especially with a Pastor by the name of Emilio 'Engranajes' Quantis.

This when Matthew properly developed his ability to manipulate the energy, which took a form of a solid, semi-opaque slab that he calls a "Shield."

The Church even gave him a translator implant, as to reduce the amount of miscommunication when visiting other worlds. 

Unfortunately, the base the two group had setup was overrun by the Global Occult Coalition (G.O.C.), leading to the death of most Church Members, including Pastor Engranajes.

Shorlty after this, Matthew bid farewell to the Insurgency and went out on his own again.

Little did he know, his next Journey would be the one that would change him profoundly, mark the end of his Struggles, and give birth to something that would be bigger than anything he had seen yet.


- End of Part 2 -

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